Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Keke Story Story

If you haven't given your child 'the talk' yet, a Chinese cartoon might just beat you to it.

On today's plate:  Keke Story.  A Chinatoons weekend special on Nickelodeon, and Miro's latest favorite TV show.

It's like any anime-type cartoon with the cute characters and the big eyes and the crazed look when they get angry (I like that!).  But the big difference is the subject they choose to discuss per episode. 
Fearless might be a good way to describe its style.  Maybe even painfully straightforward.  Or tough love.

In 30 minutes, the cartoon would cover topics such as the cruelties of war.

Night time self-defense weapons.

And ...brace yourself... drug abuse.

Basically, anything a child in primary school may find out about in that one minute their parents and teachers aren't looking. 

I was shocked the first time I watched!  It talked about con artists and how to expose them.  I thought it was something too big for a child to grasp.  But Miro got it.  And he learned a lot.

That's because each episode has a quite engaging educational segment embedded in it for factual support.  I like that, too.

Personally, I think Keke Story is one hell of an eye-opener.  It's very ambitious and it hits home... hard!  I mean, really, just when you thought The Simpsons touched controversial issues, along come clips from China that touch on controversial issues that SHOULD matter to a child in the real world.

All told from the experiences of a cute, funny, and chronically curious Primary Schooler named Keke.

It's not the cartoon norm, but I think Primary Schoolers should be ready for Keke Story.  The question is, are the parents?

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