Monday, January 3, 2011

Nintendo Killed The Timezoning Star

There was a time when we would be called true blue Timezoners.

There wouldn't be one weekend when you won't find our family at the Galleria Timezone arcade tagteaming to kill virtual zombies, rampaging dinosaurs, and bloodthirsty sea monsters.

Or air hockeying and bowling to make new friends... or enemies.

Or simply beating each others' scores in a heart-thumping Mario Kart race or a Cutesy Bear adventure.

One may raise an eyebrow to that, but Timezoning's our very own way of adrenaline-pumping, highly-competitive family bonding.  Yeah, we're psycho like that. :P

However, all good things do come to an end.
All was well until Nintendo came along.

Suddenly, our Timezone swipe cards were pushed aside to make way for game chip purchases that lead to solo gaming.  SOLO GAMING!  Heavens, family bonding is ditched for this evil hand-held contraption called the DS!

This has been going on for a couple of years now.  But only when my 10th plan for a Timezone weekend has mutated into a DS or Gameboy game shopping spree did it finally hit me --the battle is lost (uh-huh, I tend to cling.  Lol!).  Technology has again turned time and trend. 

If you're as ancient as I am and you know the song 'Video Killed the Radio Star', that's the song playing in my head right now.

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