Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brain ala mode

Sudden realization.  Changing from a super charged career woman to a super charged work-from-home mom/freelance writer has equally altered my thinking habits. 

Before, when I needed to think of an ad concept, everything had to be done sonic-fast --because other requirements were waiting right outside the door.  Through this nerve-wracking, very exciting routine, colleagues have reported seeing me rocking to-and-fro in my office, plucking my hair with glassy eyes, even talking to myself in several voices.  Eerie.  But these habits get the creative juices going.

Now, I still get things done.  But --in a more semi-relaxed environment-- the process by which I get to THE great idea is a lot less eerie than it is freaky.  I've noticed I do my best thinking while doing the laundry.  The humming of the washing machine seems to stimulate my brain cells.  You think that's weird?  How would you feel if I told you ironing my boys' school uniforms in the wee hours of the morning also sends my ideating mood into hyper drive?  It must be the monotonous movement of my right hand.  Or the heat.  Who knows?  It's habit.

The quality and speed of my output is still the same though.  So this leads me to believe that you can get your mind working wherever you are, whatever you do.  In a confined office where in your lonesome, you can plead temporary insanity for the sake of a good idea.  Or at home in the middle of a multitude of chaotic distractions which you can also draw notions from.

Creative thinking isn't about a situation or a venue.  It's about YOU.  It's about you accepting the fact that you need to give birth to a kickass brainchild so you dive into the task, habitually.  You grow into the God-given scenario and make it work.

It doesn't matter where or what you're in, as long as you're inspired.

That's today's clicking-into-place theory.  I'm sure I can think of another wise philosophy for the day.  Hmm... maybe over dishes.

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