Friday, February 4, 2011

Death of a Volunteer Chaperone

And just like that, my tag-along mom card has been revoked.

It all started when the boys entered Primary School.  Of course, the big school have big rules that champion big boy independence.  So the kids who used to cling to my leg during a field trip are now more than glad to ditch me for their school outings.

I'm proud of them, seeing how they've grown physically, mentally, and emotionally.  But I can't help but feel left out (literally and figuratively).  Now I can't be around to lug their heavy back packs, or wipe sweat off their brows, or chase after them when they stand too close to the edge of the crocodile pen.  Just like what I used to do when they were in preschool.  Now, that's what the whole clan of reliable primary teachers and aides are there for.

I can't help but be a little paranoid, too.  The venue is a remote area 2 hours away.  There ARE a lot of students in a class.  What if Kenji darts off when the teacher isn't looking?  What if Miro gets sidetracked by an interesting iguana and falls behind the tour line?  What if they get lost???
I should really stop watching Criminal Minds.

I've been fighting myself from picking up my phone and calling the teachers, just to know if the boys are ok.  To do that would be embarrassing, right?

Soooo... all an ex-chaperone can do is wait.  Wait.  And wait 'til they come home.
Only 3 hours to go.


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