Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Bert Lozada Summah!

Holy Rashguard, Batman!  I finally found the right summer camp for Kenji!
After much researching and free trial classes, my little ball of manic energy finally settled in on the famous Bert Lozada Swim Camp as his summer's source of adventure.  Whew!

Looking for an activity for Kenji is like looking for an action film in a DVD shop.  His requirements are nerve-racking:  It has to keep his attention --and everyone else's.  It has to be physical.  It has to make him feel like an action hero.  And it has to be just a tad death-defying.

My requirement is less complex:  It has to make my money's worth!

And so far, Bert Lozada is delivering.

I mean, the camp's professional ID surely got Kenji's interest.  He takes pride in flashing the plastic card every time we walk into the swim venue.  It's like an NCIS badge to him. 

It's hell physical!  On Kenji's first day, he was immediately drilled into routines in 3 different pools.  By choice.  Kenji kept running away from the instructor (for kicks, really) so the man had to chase him and work with him in every pool they landed on.  The instructor wasn't taking no for an answer.

The instructor was also quick to laud him for every challenge he'd put Kenji through.  Kenji finds fun and fulfillment at every turn.  And of course, it made him feel like all bad ass.

At 4-feet of water on his second day --yeah, it's kinda death defying.  Specially for me whose sole swimming skill can only be likened to a tea bag intermittently dipping in hot water.  Kenji screamed his head off the whole time and I felt like a helpless twig.  So it was quite a study on insanity when after that 'near-death experience', Kenji goes, "That was fun, Mimi!  I wanna do it again!"

So am I getting my money's worth?  I can happily say I am --and more.

Bert Lozada has swim venues all over the city and I chose one that's just a few minutes away from home to save on gas.  They have a choice of session schemes and I chose the relatively affordable one.  Kenji got assigned to an awesome instructor who's really good at taming Tasmanian devils.  Kenji's rocking his new rashguard, goggles, and kickboard like a pro.

And more importantly, Kenji's learning fast and having looooads of fun!  That's all that matters in a summer camp after all.

Uh-huh, I'm pretty proud of myself right now.  I own you, summer!
Mimi... you da MOM!


  1. It's great to hear that you found your son the perfect summer activity! I've been with one of BLSS's swimming teams for years now, and I can tell you that they not only teach us how to swim, but also to have discipline that branches out in all aspects of your life. Maybe Kenji can continue swimming even after summer Mims!

  2. I'm pretty sure he will. :) Thanks!