Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fully Booked Fully Teleports

Let me welcome you to our lovely little go-to place on slow days.   Funny I never thought of blogging about this place before.  Even funnier that I can't ever remember to bring a decent camera whenever our whims take us here.

Fully Booked is more than just a rich receptacle of hard-to-find books.  It's a teleportation pod.  I'm sure it's cliche to say that a paperback CAN take you to different places beyond your imagination.  But Fully Booked does that and more.  It sets the mood even before you sit down with a hardbound.

The stairs, 'carpeted' with words upon words seemingly snatched from a few hundred pages of a novel, immediately tells you that you're up for some heavenly reading.

This extends to the vast area of flooring, and so I walk with my head down... reading where my foot falls.

This very same floor is where my children lounge as if they're comfortably back home.  They love the feeling and never get tired of having words and drawings around them.   
"It's like me being a character in the storybook!" --my son's words, not mine.
Oh, can you see that far wall over there?  That's a meticulously hand-drawn mural.

Almost every inch of wall and book shelf base here have these intriguing doodles in different graphic styles, illustrating different worlds.

Grabbing a book and sitting in a spot surrounded by these works of art gives you the whole teleportation package:
Riveting story.
Soft, wordy floor.
Your own choice of fantastic Otherworld as backdrop.
Let the out-of-body, out-of-mind reading experience commence.  And that's the best kind of reading there is. 

Another slow day coming up?  Nah, we're Fully Booked.

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