Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alter Space: To Infinity and At Home!

Earth Love begins at home.
I say that maybe because I'm a mother.  But if I want to save the environment, I'd like the people who will enjoy the fruits of a better planet to start learning how to alter our little space in the universe as early as now.  Yup, I'm talking about the kiddos... the heirs of the world.

Oh, and when I say 'kids altering space', I mean do it in the most fun way!

It's a win-win that my boys' school share my philosophy.  They've got the kids opening their eyes to environmental responsibility through exciting trips and talks topped with 'Save the Earth' T-shirt-designing.

And logo-crafting.

At home, we do our share of the usual Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle bit.  But what really pumps our fun-loving creative juices is Recycling.

Old newspapers are altered into papier maches.

Clothes that would have met the garbage bin are altered into sock puppets.

Styrofoam junk is altered into the cutest real estates.

Those used plastic medicine bottles are altered into robots and rockets.

These pocket projects conserve energy (and yes, no carbon emission here) because all my kids need to accomplish so much are their insane loads of creativity and their God-given crazy level of fun.

Kinda think of it... we're just like Alter Space.   Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook.  And a great discovery!  It gives my boys a chance to really alter space by creating their very own, brand new worlds the way they see fit.  How cool is that?!

All they have to do is play, do some independent decision-making, be happy, and learn about Earth Love and Altering Space in one sitting.  They haven't stopped since!

Hey, if it works with my philosophy, then it works for me.

Saving the earth one fun time at a time.  That's what we do.  What about you?

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