Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hotel T to a T

Oh, we did check in!  And it was a fun time for the boys.  I mean... vampires, werewolves, zombies, Frankenstein... what is not to like?!  The original concept of a monster get-away was cool, too.  Why, Hotel Transylvania screamed future theme park and every kid in that movie house had their fingers crossed!

The flick didn't really get to run away from some tried and tested formulas though.  Scary monsters presented as wacky folks --kids eat that kind of stuff up.  The usual father-and-daughter trust issues --which I suppose was meant for the teen slice of the market pie. The falling in love for the first time bit (what they call 'Zing!') with someone not of your kind --must be for the Twilight fans out there.  It even had Pixar's 'struggling single parent' routine.  That always worked. 
So on the overall, I'd say the movie was ...just right.

But what we really liked was the awkwardness of Dracula.  No matter what you do, Dracula just doesn't do awkward.  Now we see him in a whole new different light.  And it didn't even feel forced at all!  In fact, this fun characterization made up for the movie's semi-lagging editing and the long drawn out jokes. :)

The film closed with the characters belting out song numbers.  Another cliche ending.  But this one used up-to-date dance music and a whole lot of auto tune.  Now my boys want to buy auto tune mics --which sadly was nowhere to be found in the merchandising.  Oh wait, there wasn't any merchandising.  And there was great potential for that.  Oh well.

Hotel Transylvania, topbilled by Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez, is still showing in theaters near you.  It's fun, it's light, it's just right.  Check in for the weekend, why doncha?

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