Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creative Manila To A Freelanzilla

SAHM.  WAHM.  Thank you, ma'am!

When you leave the rat race cold turkey, you're like a severed arm from the industry you've carefully, maniacally built your career on.  Suddenly you're wiped out from seminar lists, workshop invites, swanky parties.  And that's a no-no if you plan to get freelance writing gigs with the very little downtime you have at home.  You still need to get exposed.  Learn new tricks of the trade.  Find out what's up and see where you can squeeze yourself in.
What I do is ram a whole lot of self-study in between housework, family time, and existing writing jobs.  The internet has become my friend.  And Creative Manila... my very bestest friend.

Creative Manila is a fun, totally free flowing share site where you feed, learn, drop, chat...
It's like Starbucks with your good ol' creative team minus the caffeine and the people-heckling.  It's like social time at the Ad Congress minus the booze (ah, bummer).  It's like Jobstreet minus the inactive, impersonal touch.  It's like a walk into a museum of great art minus the entrance fee.  Creative Manila gives you anything and everything that spells inspiration and opportunity... in the comfort of your home.

And it does it grassroots-style.  So unlike the other more popular advertising sites that have nothing to offer but gossipy news about bigwigs --where this famous Creative honcho has moved and what kind of furniture the new offices of so and so top 5 agencies have.  How can a workaholic work-from-home mom possibly grow with that info?

Now excuse me while I absorb all this creativity while chatting with a friend on another window, while watching Kick Buttowski on TV, while waiting for the meat in the pot to tenderize.