Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Doggie Duds: La Belle Epoch

OH MY GOD!  I've become one of those pet parents who dress up their dogs in frilly frocks to the mall!

Not quite.  This happens to be Alpha's very first homemade costume to the Hobbes and Landes La Belle Epoch Pet Club fashion show.  Why homemade?  Because pet clothes are insanely expensive.  More ridiculously expensive than human clothes.  Even more so if the requirements are specially-made Victorian doggie duds!

It's easy, really.  If you're semi-friends with a sewing kit and own an old lacy shirt you'd be shot dead wearing in public again --then you're good to go.

Cut the shirt in half, and sew one half in a tube structure that would hug your dog's body ever so snugly.  Pay close attention to the neck and leg holes.  Your dog has to move freely.

Add unnecessary lacy embellishments that would make Liberacci and Prince proud.  Just make sure your dog won't be able to reach them and tear into them.  That would be damn frustrating.

It's dire important to consider plumbing, too.  Leave an opening on the dress for little accidents -- without sacrificing style, of course.

Hey presto!  I've got a lovely puppy who can rock any puppy party!

Plus, a proud dad seeing his baby belle blossom into Victorian womanhood.
*le sigh*

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