Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspire Lego Exhibit: No Photos Allowed!

I would've wanted to write about this almost awesome Brass and Bricks exhibit by metal sculptor, Michael Cacnio, in partnership with Lego.  But the exhibit had a strict No Photos Allowed policy, so what's the point?

Stolen. Obviously.
Instead I'll just do a short rant about exhibits and their silly No Pictures rules.  Please... I found out about this exhibit because of its photos scattered all over the internet.  Isn't it a little too late to stop people from taking a few snaps for posterity's sake?  Isn't it a little too weird to realize that they don't need the added publicity and marketing power?

Wait, maybe they were worried about plagiarism!  I hope not though.  Artists shouldn't shy away from the possibility of being copied.  That's flattery.  If you're the original and you know your work stands out, a little confidence will do you good.

Vandalism, maybe?  People might make goofy poses beside the art pieces and upload them on Facebook?  Come. On.  Confidence.  If your art is good, not even a team of kids making 'Rock on!' hand signs around it can destroy it.

Last guess --the art pieces are alive!  They will die when exposed to round-the-clock flash photography like those Ocean Park fishies! 

Ok, I'm stumped.  The guard who followed us around the whole time to make sure we stuck to the sacred No Photos Allowed rule didn't know the answer either.  After a while, it got a little annoying being hounded so we decided to just let the kids play in the exhibit's tiny Lego building area.
Then again, we already have Lego bricks at home... so, like I said, what's the point?

We stayed at the exhibit a grand total of 8 minutes.  Geez, have we overstayed!

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