Sunday, September 18, 2011

Johnny English ReBean... I mean, Reborn

How we missed Johnny English I is beyond me!
*kicks self on shin*

Well, the sequel is on.  And nothing was going to make us miss Johnny English Reborn.  After all, Kenji loves James Bond.  He also loves Mr. Bean.  So Johnny English is the perfect combo meal.
The line to the theater and the popcorn took forever... but it was well worth it.

Hilarious to the hilt, Rowan Atkinson delivered his very unique brand of comedy smashingly.  It was Mr. Bean with audible words and more depth.  In fact, there were scenes in Johnny English that reminded me of some snippets from Mr. Bean's sketches.  But because of the spying, the explosions, and the treason to foreign allies components --my boys found themselves liking Johnny English more.  Mr. Bean is now considered 'Blah!  It's for kids!' by these, er... kids.

Co-starring Rosamund Pike and Gillian Anderson (who aged gorgeosuly, btw!) of X-Files' fame, this action-packed laugh-a-minute flick definitely gets 5 stars from this mom.  Kids and adults with a healthy, noisy sense of humor will have themselves LMAOing all throughout its 2-hour run.
And did I mention that it has a bunch of moral lessons?  Trusting yourself.  Trusting others.  Mind over matter.  Loving your age.  But that's just me overanalyzing the concept of fun again.

Go ahead.  Watch Johnny English.  It's high time you laughed in the face of danger.

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