Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monster Pizza Night

Our traditional (and somewhat disturbingly habitual) Pizza Night was graced by Jing's latest discovery:  Jugno's Monster Pizza.  Why settle for a regular when you can have a monstrosity, right?

Monster Pizza isn't really popular.  It's just outside the ShopWise Mart along a long row of shawarma, peanuts, and siomai stalls.  Nothing special.  But my husband has always been known for unearthing gems from rubble.  This time, the man did it again!

Imagine... impossibly huge slices, fabulous flavor, and each piece coming at you with a tub of hot sauce and some dip that's a delightful cross between sour cream and curry.  For only Php39.00!
"Filling and satisfying!", said my practical mommy brain.  Everyone listens to the mommy brain.

One gigantic slice is a meal in itself so we got us each our own flavor and munched away over HBO, slowly feeling the carb work its magic.  Lol!  No doubt about it, Monster Pizza will be back on the table again soon.
In the meantime, congratulations, honey --for another great discovery!  You should be in the talent search business, you know that?

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