Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Anti-Dengue Do

With the Dengue Scare still looming all over the metro this rainy season, it's best to be the overprotective mom.  THAT is why I slather my boys with Off Lotion every morning before school!
"It's greasy and sticky and hot!" --says my little whiners.  BUT there is no arguing with safety and my paranoia.  These mosquitoes are killers!

That's when my good friend, Annie, introduced me to 21st century mosquito defense.  Apparently, mosquito repellents nowadays come in the form of buttons, wristbands, and patches!  (I'm late to know this, ok?  Bare with my tardy enthusiasm.)

I got our MoskiShields at National Bookstore.  Pretty patches that emit a mix of citronella and lemon eucalyptus scents that pisses mosquitoes off.  It's like an invisible force field.  How high-tech is that?!!  (I just said 'high-tech', didn't I?  Dayam.)  And it's absolutely DEET-free --which I just learned meant it's devoid of chemicals so it's environment-friendly.

I just stick them on my boys' clothes and they're wearing anti-mosquito armor to last them the whole day!  Without that sticky feeling.

But, of course, my husband just has to go for the overkill and insists on giving them a daily combo anyway.  So who's paranoid now?  Lol!

Thanks, again, Annie!


  1. WAAAH!!! sa ganyan nalang ako nagiging part ng child-rearing process eh. haha miss ko na kayo -.-

  2. miss ka na rin nameeeen! matagal na rin tayong hindi nakakagawa ng birthday banner! huhuhu...