Friday, September 30, 2011

Bond. Cake Bond.

Economy (and a pinch of challenged creativity) pushed me to self-decorate our kids' birthday cakes.  Decorate. Not bake.  Hell will have to freeze over before I learn how to bake.
I wasn't too sharp with my first decorating attempt either.  If you've seen my near-complete failure with Miro's Wiimote cake last July, you should be shaking your head right now and doing a tsk-tsk sound.

This month, it's Kenji's turn.  The boy whose all about spies these days.  He hasn't seen a single James Bond movie, but snippets from Youtube (the action parts) lead him to idolize the guy.  So for his birthday, it just has to be a surprise Bond Cake.

Doing the un-Martha Stewart thing, my husband and I headed for the bakeshop to get a round choco fudge cake and some red sprinkles.  The red sprinkles will be the 007 gun barrel design on the cake.

Armed with a pen and a spoon, I started drawing and sprinkling.  Jing started snipping and art directing.

The final touch was putting on these absolutely neat birthday words which Jing thought of (and which I secretly wished I had thought of.  Lol!).


Ok, the gun barrel design didn't come out as good as I had wanted.  Sprinkles are darn difficult to manipulate and I should've already learned that this second time around.
But... Kenji's a happy camper (I mean, SPY!) so I guess we really ARE getting better at this particular DIY.  :P

Confidence pumped, thanks to Kenji's very positive response, I decorated (again, decorate... not bake) an I-Really-Wanna-Eat-Duckie! baby cake for Alpha who celebrated her birthday the week before.  It is in honor of her daily attempts to eat Miro's pet duck.  Nice.

To all Do-It-Yourselfers, Happy Decorating and Happy Eating!
(At least with this kind of DIY, you're sure the cake will taste great.  Score!)

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