Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello, Good Dog!

You know what my first job was?  A contributing writer for Cosmo.  While I didn't earn that much and didn't get paid regularly, it's the kind of writing I enjoyed.  It's like shortened book writing, or extended blogging.  :)

As much fun as I was having fun though, a job at an advertising agency eventually called and a serious, full time career came into the picture.  That was when writing for magazines stopped.  When you're in advertising, there just isn't that much time for extra curricular writing anymore.

Many, many years passed and soon enough, freelancing happened.  Suddenly, there was time in my hands.  Suddenly, writing for a magazine had an opportunity to make a comeback.  I know I'm a little rusty --but I live by one motto:  'If you don't bite the bullet, it'll hit you in the head'.
I made that up. :P

One try was all it took, and I was back in the game.  Good Dog Magazine featured my full page article in their Sweet Tails section this October!  Yeah!

Here's the gist.  You've heard about Man's Best Friend, right?  Well, this is about a Boy's Best Friend.  It's the heart-wrenching story about the unbreakable bond between a pup and a little boy.  Perseverance and loyalty can start young... as long as there is love extraordinary.  It's the true story of Kenji and Alpha.  So you can understand this is written --wait for it-- from the heart.

The publication outfit liked it and asked Kenji and Alpha to be the stars of the page.
After what felt like a gazillion decades of absence, I get a mag material out and a photoshoot for my boy and his dog to boot!  Two for two!

Months of production followed and, as they say, the rest is history.
Welcome me back, why don't you?  Go grab your copy of Good Dog Magazine --bundled with your favorite home and living magazine, GoodHousekeeping-- today. :)

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