Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do you LIKE Alpha?

If you've been reading this blog for a longish time, you've seen our family dog (and my son, Kenji's, best friend), Alpha, grace some of my posts. 

Well, for some reason, October's shaping up to be my Alpha Crazy Month.  I just did the unthinkable and put her up for a photo contest --which I don't usually do.  Fashion shows, magazine spreads, those are more my speed.  But beauty pageants, not much.

But... it happened.
Soooo... I'm appealing to all of you to please support a rabid pet mom in her quest to put her son's beloved mini pinscher, Alpha, on one of the glorious pages of the Hobbes and Landes 2012 Calendar!  Yeah!

If you've got a Facebook account, then this should be relatively quick and painless.

1.  Simply LIKE the Hobbes and Landes Facebook page.

2.  The link will take you to a page full of adorable dog pics.  Avert your eyes from the onslaught of cuteness and LIKE only Alpha's photos.  Haha!

3.  You can choose from...
Alpha the Lifeguard.  
Alpha the Sphinx.
Or, Alpha the Surfer Girl.

But if you're feeling uber generous, you're free to LIKE all three.   Hee... there I go pushing it.

Friends, readers, just-passing-throughers, do me this once in a lifetime favor and please LIKE Alpha.

After all... what's not to like?  Lol!

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