Friday, October 21, 2011

Ziva Stays

My husband is full of surprises!  Take for example this surprising unauthorized purchase that greeted me when I came home a few days back!

It's a new puppy --a thing we usually discuss before getting, which obviously, we didn't.  Jing explained that the puppy was a Rottweiler and he got it cheap.  Not the point.  We already have a dog (Alpha), a duck, and a freaking snake.  Will I come home to a lovely, towering giraffe next???

So my responsible mother's instinct quickly decided that the new puppy will have to be returned.  This, even after learning that Jing has already named her (yep, she's a girl and christened Ziva) and that Kenji, our resident pet lover, has already fallen in love with the fluffy, little beast.
I was unmoved though.  Adamant.  Immediately branded the bad guy in the family.  So what else is new?  The mom is always the bad guy. *sigh*   To my boys, their father is now the hero who must convince the evil witch mom that the dog must stay. *pshaw!*

Well, he didn't convince me, ok!
The reason why Ziva is staying is because of those cute, puppy-dog eyes!  I am such a sucker for those big browns and blues.  And she IS a sweet, adorable thing. 
Aaargggh... another thing about being a mom is that we're so cute-swayable!

So welcome home, Ziva!  And thanks, honey, for bringing her home. :)

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