Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's us... Mario and Luigi!

Boy, am I glad I planned 2 Halloween events for the family this year.  Because the first one we went to didn't do it that much for us.  It may have been fabulous for others, but yeah --we weren't huge fans of tedious promo mechanics and dragging activities.  But like I said, that's just us. :)

One cool thing that came out of yesterday though was the massive attention the boys got for coming as Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario legendary video game fame.  Random comments like "Hey, it's Mario!", "Mario!  Luigi!  Here we gooo!", "Mommy, look, it's Mario and Luigi!" really got Miro and Kenji pumped.  Professional photographers took shots of them, too.  Yep, there was my boys' 15 minutes of fame.  Haha!
It was totally worth the sleepless night and panic time my husband and I devoted in crafting the costumes.  Well, my husband worked.  I panicked.  Lol!  Our boys' smiles beaming like beacons while kids all over greeted them excitedly totally washed all that away.

Plus, yesterday gave us one of the coolest family pictures we ever had!  Complete with Alpha in a navy seal harness and little shy Ziva in an army ranger harness.  And me and Jing in dark, huge eyebags.  Happy, Happy Halloween indeed!

Up next... Nickelodeon's Planet Scream!  Wooooooo!


  1. Kids look amazingly cool in this costumes.

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  2. Thanks! They thought they were amazingly cool, too. Haha!