Friday, October 28, 2011


YAY!  We finally have a winner for JOHNSON'S My Kid's Growing Up So Fast Caption Contest on this blog!

Easily topping the criteria of...

Creativity of Caption:   50%
  -  Cuteness of title
  -  Unique play of words
Relevance to article:   50%

... let's all give a maddeningly loud round of applause to COI CASTILLO!  You have given my son's photo the 'winning-est' witty words!

And for that, Coi will be receiving a Johnson's Milk Bath gift pack from moi.  Because even as her baby, niece or nephew is changing before her very eyes, his or her skin is still like a baby's.  This child will still need the gentle care of JOHNSON'S Baby Milk Bath, with Vitamins A & E, and 100% more milk to nourish developing skin.
Or, Coi can use these Johnson's goodies herself.  Hey, Johnson's Milk Bath is an all powerful good on adult skin, too.

Thanks to those who joined my Caption Contest.  And, on behalf of Johnson's Milk Bath, a healthy, smooth cheer to the winner!

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