Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real Steel: Robotics' Real Deal

Miro liked it for the science.  Kenji liked it for the carnage.  Jing liked it for the testosterone bonding.  I liked it for Hugh Jackman. <3

Real Steel.  It surely made this family real happy.  Although the slogan did nothing to help and can easily make an acceptable appearance on a soda commercial, the film absolutely packed a fistful of goodness.

The happiest camper of the bunch is Miro who just realized the incredible future his Robotics Summer Camps hold.  Ok, the very far future but it did inspire the hell out of him.

"When I grow up, I will make bigger, stronger, killer Battlebots!  Mwahahaha!!!!", he says maniacally.  Thanks a lot, Hollywood.

Back to the movie... all the destruction comes from the concept of Robot Boxing.  The premise of which is that in the shiny and deadly tomorrow, mankind will eventually tire of human boxing and will thirst for more butchery and annihilation in the ring.  This is man going back to his barbaric roots using technological means.  I love the irony!

With all the metal massacre going about per frame, the movie still gave out warmth with the bond shared between the father and son characters.  A bond borne out of violence (the duo worked as robot boxing promoters/trainers --how cool is that!).  My husband thinks this is just awesome.  With Miro's robotics intel and his street fighting prowess, they can easily be the 'real' 'Max and Charlie'!  I'm not putting a cork on that dream sequence.  The idea had the boys giddified and, heck, anything is possible, right?

Real Steel.  It's that perfect testosterone boost a father and son bonding time needs.  But moms will love it, too.  I mean... HUGH JACKMAN... Come on!

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