Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween for Free

The boys joined an online contest for the first time.  And... THEY WON!  WOOHOO!!!

It was for the Nickelodeon Planet Scream Halloween Event at the Mall of Asia.  The contest was pretty simple.  Simply email Nickster what makes you scream and why.  My boys were pretty candid with their answers.  Smart, too.

Miro:  "Homework makes me scream.  Because I have to work fast and well or I'll miss my favorite Nickelodeon TV shows."

Kenji:  "Halloween parties make me scream.  They're all scary.  But if Spongebob is there, I'll have fun and won't be scared at all."

What did I tell you --smart, eh?  :P

They won 4 tickets each, baby!  That's 8 tickets!  I can't wait to sell extras at the gate.  Haha!
We picked up the tickets at the Nickelodeon office today.  So our Halloween is pretty much planned for us now.  In a good, fun, free way.

Yay for online contests!  My kids so take after me, I swear.  Lol!

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