Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pats for P.A.W. 2011

Rule of the Dog Universe:  When you already got the Hobbes and Landes' Fashion Show and the Good Dog Magazine feature, you're not getting the PAWtogenic 2012 Calendar.  LOL!
It seems only fair.  Alpha's had a big year so far.  And not making it into the illustrious 12 of the Hobbes and Landes' PAWtogenic Winners wasn't going to stop us from joining the Hobbes and Landes' P.A.W. (Pet Appreciation Weekend).  By any measure, you can tell we appreciate this dog more than anything.

The event was set on a warm, sunny Sunday in an opening dotted with fabulous pet booths with freebies.  Miro quickly collected a dog balloon, pet vitamins, dog food, more pet stuff, and a fan.  In the blistering heat, we were most thankful for the fan.

There were games, but the best part for us would be the pet parade where Alpha worked her fairy wings like she owned the walkway.

Lots of lovely dogs marched proudly.  Some came au naturelle.

And some dressed like Vegas belles.

The highlight, of course, was the announcement of winning dogs to grace the Hobbes and Landes 2012 calendar.  And Alpha's friend, Noodles --the uber friendly rottie-- was one of them!  Good on 'ya, biggie boy!!!

You can tell Alpha was just so proud of her bud.  There she is doing her signature dance of freaky joy for Noodles!

In the end, it was another successful event for Hobbes and Landes.  And, another fine way of showing our pets that they're more than just pets.  They're perfect companions, good listeners, ready-hug givers, best friends to cry on.
And for that, we deeply, deeply appreciate them.

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