Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome to Hotel Hell...

In times of desperation (in this case, the flash floods that hit the whole nation), you have no right to be choosy.

So when we finally decided to flee from our flood-submerged street, we went for a seedy hotel 30 minutes away from our drowning home. Cars couldn't travel the waist-deep waters so we had to wade through the gunk --uh-huh for 30 minutes --until we reached Heaven Hotel (also known as Creepy Hell on Earth).

The first sign that creeped my boys out
(translated:  Don't move the TV and the TV stand or else you'll lose the cable connection)  EGAD!

Second sign.  It looked embossed on the ceiling.  Miro claims it's a cross.  I say it looks like a dove.  Then Kenji said it's more like a flying baby. 
And we never spoke about it since.

Third Sign.  Blood on the bed.  Just pull off the sheets and there are about 3 splotches of these on different points of the bed.  Creeeepy....awooo...

Fourth Sign.  Blood on the wall.  Lovin' it so far?

Fifth Sign.  THIS!
(ok, ok, it's Kenji under a white sheet.  his motto for this freaky hotel experience:  If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em.  LMAO!)

But the hotel was dry and that's what we were craving for the past 2 wet days. So Heaven Hotel (lovingly called Hotel Hell) fulfilled its job. And we're happy we found it at such short notice. So...despite the fear you've instilled within our hearts, thanks!

We're home now, and finally all together.  But we'll cherish these bad quality pictures forever.  Yesss...

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