Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've always had this immeasurable excitement when planning my boys' birthday parties.  But this time, for Kenji's birthday, I am pushing the envelope!


This was an idea Jing threw at me last night and it got me thinking.  Yes, now I do have the time to learn how to bake.  And shit, man, you know I can decorate like the wind!  

Honestly, whenever I plan my boys' parties, all I do is boss people around.  I get an entertainment outfit do my bidding, I pressure Jing to layout the birthday posters and invites, I get the printing shop to work on high-quality printing gloss chop-chop, I conceptualize a cake and have someone work on it according to my strict directions.  Not that I power trip.  It's just that when I was working, I didn't have the time.  All I had was the concept and the drive to push people around.  Ok, ok...guess I was power tripping.  Give a control freak a break! 

But now is my time to redeem myself by putting an extra effort in the mix.  Bad news for Kenji for being the guinea pig...but I will do my darnest to succeed in this new endeavor.

Whew!  I can just feel the rush flowing through my veins!

This is my cake peg (or cupcake peg.  i'm making cupcakes, teehee).  And I can assure you now...whatever I will make will never amount to anything as good as this.  But by God, I shall try!

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