Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photobooths For The Win!

This has nothing to do with parenting.  But it has everything to do with adults behaving like kids.  And, it's legal.

 PHOTOBOOTHS!  Probably the happiest thing ever invented for every possible gathering.  It started out as a side booth for children's parties.  Right along with the glitter tattoo booth and ring toss booth.  Eventually, it caught on and made it into adult get-togethers like product launches, company events, and get this -- weddings!  The magic of the Photobooth is that it peels away the 'why so serious?' mood and tone of events and adults.  And all it takes is a huge digital camera and quick-print set-up and a box of easy-to-wear costumes.

Don't you dare think this is just a typical photo op, no sir!  This is action packed!  You and your posse will have to face a screen which projects your image and a timer.  In 4 seconds, you will have to change your costumes in 4 intervals for 4 photo variations.  So it's a quick duck-and-grab-and-don activity!  And you have to think of different poses to match your costumes, too.  Because if you don't --then you're a nerd.

The glory that is the Photobooth.  If there is one time when adults can be silly and happy and forget all the crap that is work and deadlines and stress --THIS.  IS.  IT.

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