Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Trick?

Word to the wise.

These are not Halloween candies.  They're regular candies.  They're not special.  They're not seasonal.  You can give them away anytime of the year without labeling them as 'Trick or Treat' paraphernalia.

These, on the other hand, ARE Halloween candies.

And to a rather disturbing, criminally insane extent, so are these.

They follow a theme.  They're unique.  They only come out during the full moon when creepy crawlies and ghoulish ghouls take over your usual days.  They're around only once a year... Halloween.  And like any other candy, they are delicious and cavity-inducing.

So I'm just wondering why people can't do the simple initiative of putting a theme into their Halloween treats.  I know it's more tedious that way.  But that's the right way.  On-strat and in-theme.  The kind little Tom, Dick, and Harry would be excited for during one of the year's most exciting occasions.

Sadly, out of my sons' hoard this year, this was the only treat that got 'it'.  Oh well.

And with that, I close my final blog on Halloween --(at least for me) the most wonderful time of the year!

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