Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have you gone completely MAD??!

We have!  And we'd do it again!

Confession time:  I am one of those crazy moms who make an insanely huge effort when it comes to her kids' birthdays.  In so doing, some fall flat.  Some, so-so.  And some rise to the top like, like... a nuclear explosion!

Da Bomb is what I would call the past 2 Mad Science Birthdays my husband and I cooked up for our boys.
No pinata.  No pin-the-tail on the donkey.  No annoying dancing mascot to the tune of some overused and abused pop tune.  Just pure exploration, discovery, and a darn heap of unbridled excitement.

Mad Science's birthday packages cover all things scientific.  From planets to lasers to everything that creates a gigantic spark in the imagination.  The stuff that make kids wonder and learn.  The cliche 'edutainment' comes to mind.  But, hey, there's nothing cliche about this birthday party, I can give you that.
The Mad Science team of mad scientists will go to wherever venue you want (To infinity and beyond? --sorry, I just had to say that), complete with their beakers, shiny tools, and mysterious chemicals.

Then, at your own choosing, a host of action-filled, totally hands-on experiments ensues.

How clouds are formed.
How to create a tornado.
How to launch a rocket solely by air pressure.
How to launch a water-powered rocket.
How to light up the sky with your very own mini-H bomb!!!

Oops!  WTH!!!, you say?  Haha!  Never fear.  The Mad Science crew is big on safety.  No matter how incredibly awesome these experiments get, none of the kids are ever harmed in the making of these parties.

So when you say you want your child to have a birthday blast, by all means, MEAN IT.
Hey, we did.  And up to now, our boys are still happily raving MAD about it!

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