Friday, November 19, 2010

Play, at a Cosmic Level

Gawd!  Did I ever tell you about Cosmic Kidz?  Guess I forgot again.  We went there 4 months ago.  And it was a blast!
I mean, it's 4 storeys of jungle gym heaven --how can you not have immense fun with that?!

Cosmic Kids is the largest play area in the country today.  It makes perfect sense that it's located at the Mall of Asia, the largest mall in the country today.
Cosmic Kidz is where kids go to be kids again --running and jumping and screaming, minus technology.  This is the real PHYSICAL deal.  What kids were born to do and be!

No elevators here.  To go up every floor of the 'building', you have to climb up soft padded stairs.
To go down, you slide down ...many times.  Woohoo!
In between these, there's the abomination-reflecting Mirror Room.
It's just next to the brain-teasing Puzzle Room.
The Airball Room, filled to the brim with colorful balloons, is every child's favorite romp area.
The Orb Pool follows at a very close second.
The Energy Deck is quite addicting.  Kids run around it, pushing the hanging soft bags against each other for hours on end.  It's a kid-friendly Survivor challenge!
Now, time for the big guns.  Kenji got his shooting skills put to good use at the Cannon Station.
Down below, Miro dodges every cannonball raining on him at the ultra-spacey Float Fountain.
Winding down, my boys got their creative kicks at the soft building blocks suite.
And with some table games like this cool Sphere Catcher.

Oh, there's more.  But I'm not about to ruin the fun by spilling the whole bag of jelly beans.  I do come with a warning though.  If you plan to chase your kid all over the place (like what Jing and I did), prepare for massive body pains.
Let's wrap it up with some well-meaning ice cream right outside the door, shall we?

Cosmic Kidz. 
30-Minute Play - P180
One Hour Play - P250
Unlimited Play - P480
Unforgettable kiddie fun - Priceless

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