Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recollection Recall

I'm not a big fan of spiritual retreats and recollection days.  Particularly because I was 'raised' by nuns.  And all that spiritual re-awakening mumbo-jumbo happened almost on a daily basis.  And usually, each session ended in tears.

So when my sons' school called for a God's Earth Recollection Day, I was wimpified!

But to show how backwards my concept of recollection is --the boys actually had fun!  The activity was more of an opening the child's mind to how he or she can help in saving the planet and keeping it the way God has intended.  More of a Going God, Going Green campaign.  The day's session gave my boys new understanding of their responsibility for nature as God's children.  And, they didn't have to pray the rosary non-stop for 3 hours while kneeling on a hard wood floor.  Times have indeed changed.

Oooh... and they made personally-messaged and individually-designed God's Earth campaign shirts!

Miro's showed his minimalistic art style...
...and his passion for detail.

Kenji's highlighted his love for mad colors...
...and his inclination for vibrant... stuff.

I see this endeavor as a win-win situation.  The children learn to be more caring and responsible ...and I see a shirt silkscreening business in the near future. :P

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