Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enter: Blurb Hunt

Nido Science Discovery Center came in as a late runner for our Halloween 2010 options.  It was a good entry though.  It was even cheaper than Cartoon Network's halloween event and undoubtedly more unique than all the other halloween events combined!
It's like a space explorers trick or treat that totally broke the usual mould of halloween activities.  Each child is given a galaxy map and must traverse through all the scientific galleries of the museum (and there are a lot), facing challenges and puzzles, which will ultimately --if the kid is smart enough-- lead him to the mystery alien.  Finding the mystery alien wins you prizes.  There will be treats given away per gallery, too.  There's no Best in Costume thing going on.  But kids are expected to wear space monsters and aliens costume, which would've been da bomb if we had the time and the resources.  But we already spent on the boys' Last Airbender costumes. Having a new set made for this one halloween party alone will be completely idiotic.

But the activity would've totally floored Miro who, as you know, is a big science freak.  I'm not sure if Kenji would've liked it though.  But hey, it's a museum!  Every child loves the museum!

What's in the running now is Cartoon Network's House of Halloween (because it's cheap) and Nido Science Discovery Center's Blurb Hunt (because it's cheaper).  LOL!  And yeah, we did run out of tickets for the Nickelodeon Scarenival.  THAT would've been DA REAL BOMB!  

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