Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Instant Love via Via

God's gift to career women... STARBUCKS COFFEE.
God's gift to stay-at-home moms who do a lot of domestic errands every waking hour and part time jobs every I-should-be-sleeping-right-now hour ... STARBUCKS COFFEE VIA!

Via Ready Brew is the latest from my poison shop of choice.  For my maiden slurp, I got the Colombia Medium.  It came in a sturdy cardboard housing 3 packets of what appear to be typical instant coffee.  At first glance I thought it was just like that good ol' Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee stick.  But upon ripping the foil...
...I'VE BEEN ROBBED!, was my first barbaric reaction.
Where's the sugar?  Where's the creamer?  What is this almost countable hunk of granules???

When the embarrassing, totally unnecessary outburst died down, I carefully poured the granules in a cup, tossed in brown sugar, and a dab of cream --still skeptic.  But as soon as I followed up the powdery mixture with hot water, the all too familiar aroma just exploded into my senses!  It was the undeniable smell of BREWED COFFEE!  Seriously!  And I made it in a matter of seconds!

And the taste --it literally brought me back to slow and special Sunday mornings.   The strong, full-bodied experience --usually achieved painstakingly-- is still there, amazingly, from an itsy-bitsy coffee stick sachet.   In my happily caffeine-inebriated mind, nothing can be truer to brewed than this!

When Starbucks says instant coffee,  it means single-serve sincerity.
Not 3-in1.  But the real one.
And that's what you paid for.

On my second Via stick now, still smiling contentedly.

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