Monday, November 15, 2010

Papier Mache Sunday

It's Family Project Weekend!  And this time, Jing had an interesting brainchild --papier mache!  Ooh, this is something I've always wanted to do but had absolutely no idea how to.  And so my husband showed me and the boys the ropes, and... WHAT THE FLAGNAR!... this freakin' project is haaaard!

There's newspaper sculpting.  You can try newsprint.  And make sure you got a stock of strong tape.

 Tissue shredding.  Cheap, one-ply tissue will do.

 Tissue gluing.  Use PVC glue.  It's the only one you can mix in with water for easier brush application.  Oh and don't scrimp on the glue.

Drying and lots of waiting.  Under the sun, the paper mummies took about a couple of hours to dry.  Facing the fan on the second layer (yes, after drying, you do a second layer of tissue gluing), about an hour and a half.

Painting.  Poster paint works well for this.  Make sure you get in those nooks and crannies.

More drying and waiting until...

TA-DAAAH!  Papier mache Russel of Pixar's UP and paper mache James Bond 007!
Clearly, the fussiest and most time-consuming family project we've had.  But, whew, so worth it!
The only downside is the waiting time.  Kids are all for instant gratification after all.  Oooh... it teaches the virtue of patience.  LOL!

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