Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Mamarazzi's Guide to Genius

Hi.  I'm Karen.  I'm a Mamarazzi.

I'm that extra perky mom who dives in front of you to get a good shot of her son at the school's Christmas Show --thus, blocking the view of everyone.  I'm that relentless mom who whips out her camphone for every mundane milestone --first haircut, first leather shoes, first movie with popcorn-- thus, holding up the line to everything.

Yeah, you know me.  You may not even like me.  But that's ok.  Because what I really like an LG Optimus Genius Phone!
Nope, not just a Smart Phone.  A Genius Phone.  This Mamarazzi will only go for the best.

Let me explain.
The LG Optimus 2x has an 8-megapixel camera.  With this kind of photographic power, there's absolutely no need to lug my husband's bulky DSLR anymore.  Going beyond smart, the Optimus 2x is also the world's first mobile phone with a 1GHz Dual Core.  That means the phone actually multitasks.  I can take pics and take calls, write an email and play music... oh, and simultaneously upload my boys' photos to Facebook as I shoot them!  This phone is definitely made for me. :P

The LG Optimus Black, the LG Optimus 2x's equally genius twin, prides itself as being the brightest phone on the planet.  With a 700 Nit Nova Display screen, one cannot question that.  This means stellar image viewing and spectacular video playback.  Perfect for showing off my kids' pics and home movies at every possible social gathering!  Haha!  One more good thing about the LG Optimus Black is that it's the slimmest phone I've ever seen.  9.2mm!  Won't that fit snugly in my purse!

You might say LG Optimus is the most innovative move in mobile technology since the invention of the, well, regular Smart phone.  True that.  But for me, these Genius phones are simply a Mamarazzi's dream come true.  Now I can chronicle memories better, to keep forever.
There you go... pure genius!

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information.

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