Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sporty Summer-Ender

Summer isn't over until I say it's over!

And just like that --after days of relentless rain-- the sun suddenly shone.  Just for us and for our last summer stint at the Village Sports Club.

Right smack in the heart of Paranaque City, this fancy membership getaway is by far the richest and fittest place to be when you don't feel like a vacay out of town.  Loads of physical things to do here.  And quite unlike other sports club, it really DOES cater to the whole family.

Let's see...
Out of 4 pools, there's the wading pool and the fun pool for the kids.

And then there's the much more challenging 6-foot deep pool and lap pool for the adults.

There's the mini football field for the kids, complete with seasoned instructors.

And the tennis court with real Wimbledon-quality clay floors for the adults.

There's the huge (and I mean HUGE!) basketball court with the FIBA-approved maple hardwood flooring perfectly designed for actual championship training and summer camps alike.

Oooh... but I see your thirst for the physical remains to be insatiable, eh?   For that, there's the gym --rich in the latest technologies of fitness.

While your kids hit the spacecraft hangar-like restaurant.

Rich in these devilish delights.

And home to the famous Village 4 Seasons iced tea.  Which tastes heavenly, by the way.

When your inner Energized Bunny has finally had enough, thank goodness for the ultra-relaxing spa.

And the fun-filled playroom.

That subs as a little educational corner, too.

So did we have fun?  Pretty much!  Well, not until another dip at the fun pool, that is --where both kid and adult had their fill, together.

Now THIS is how you end summer.  Village Sports Club, (said in a very dated Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) we'll be baaack!

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