Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thomas the Trainsformer: Stranger than Fiction

Christmas season is also the season of knock-offs.  It's the perfect time for fakers to crawl out of the woodwork and sell their plagiarizing wares to unsuspecting bargain hunters.  Some of these fakers, however, push the envelope and get ultimately creative in their fakery.  Take for example this awful find I got from a traveling toy cart --The Thomas Trainsformer.  Seriously, it's 3 cheap plastic trains (obviously nabbed from the famous Thomas and Friends series) that you can attach together to form a...wait for it...a Thomas the Tank Engine Super Robot!!! You guessed it, it's Japan-made.  In fact, the set also comes with a VCD of 8 Thomas and Friends episodes, all dubbed in Japanese --with no freaking subtitle option!
The toy breaks easily (at P20, why am I not surprised).  Ours did as soon as Kenji tore off the plastic casing.  But that's hardly the manufacturer's fault.  It's the consumer's fault for being cheap and uncaring of quality and decency.  *kicks herself on the noggin*

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