Friday, November 29, 2013

FROZEN: Plot Twist Extraordinaire!

You have been warned...

What is that one thing we loved about Disney's Frozen? PLOT TWISTS!
I mean, like always, you walk into a Disney movie with your kids thinking, "Oh, this is gonna be a love story... princess meets prince... they fall in love... evil appears... prince saves the day... kissy-poo... yadda-yadda... happily ever after." It's the time-tested, child-loved, money-making formula and Disney isn't about to break that!
Or so we thought.

With Frozen, all manner of rule-breaking was made to give families a spanking new taste of kiddie movie awesomeness!

First off, we knew Princess Anna had to have a love of her life (because that's just how it's supposed to be!). So Disney went on misleading us into believing it was...

PRINCE HANS. The first person to ever fill the void in this innocent yet love-struck girl's heart. It was a whirlwind romance. Yet we didn't question it.

But then there's also... KRISTOFF. Ice entrepreneur, mountain man, deer impersonator, and troll friend. He had googley eyes on Anna the whole mountain trip. It even warranted a lavish song number!

And... OLAF.
"Some people are worth melting for..." --this tear-jerker of a line made us all think Olaf, the naive snowman, might just have a shot at a love affair with Anna. Then we took a step back, shook our heads, and said... "Naaah..."

Who would've thought that LOVE doesn't have to be the usual 'guy meets girl' kind of love. Love can be SIBLING LOVE! And that totally blew us away! Boy, you had us there, Disney!
It totally sent a good message to our children, too. About loving each other because someday, they won't have anyone else but each other. A movie with a sincerely fresh and relevant message. Fabulous.

Another genius twist was naming the real bad guy in the movie.

Was it QUEEN ELSA? Uber powerful, snow-wielding freak of nature.

Was it the DUKE OF WESTLETON? A trader made mad with greed, power, and thugs.

Was it PRINCE HANS? 13th son of... OK, HANG ON! The number 13 is the most obvious clue in this riddle. 13! Bad luck! Duh. He's the bad dude! Geez.

But seriously, my boys were all, like, "WHOA!" the whole time in the theatre. In this day and age when nothing seems to surprise kids anymore, Frozen shattered our comfort zones with impeccable storytelling and pacing.

There's only one way to deliver the coolest plot twists in animation. Mittens down, it's FROZEN.
If you haven't seen it, do so. If this post ruined it all for you, sorry though. :P

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