Monday, November 25, 2013

Papier Macheniacs: CIRCLE TIME (feat. Wheatley)

Another Papier Macheniacs entry right here!

When it comes to papier mache weekends, the ball is in my kids' court. They decide what project we're going to pull. But for this session, I thought I'd make a little game out of it --since the character they chose actually begs for it. :P

Wheatley is a Portal 2 video game character created with an intimidating British accent, and constructed with predominantly circular shapes. As you know, we don't stick to paper when making papier mache sculptures. What can I say --we're rebels. Lol! So, I challenged my boys to hunt around the house for ready-to-throw-away circular objects which we can re-purpose to be parts of our very circular Wheatley project.
Secretly, this means getting rid of a lot of junk we accumulate in this hoarder household. And, the task teaches them to recycle. Sweet strategy, doncha think? PARENTING SCORE!

Excitedly, my boys went on the hunt!
They were pretty good! You'll see how their stash came into play in our Wheatley papier mache sculpture:

They talked me into giving up a couple of my ancient bangles. I gave in. I had to be fair. :)

To wrap it up, here are this week's Papier Macheniacs Tips:
1. Don't stick to paper materials. As long as it's light, kid-friendly, and glue can stick to it, it's usable.
3. Make a game out of it. Have fun! Or, should I say... Have a ball?

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