Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Active Fun, Activated!

The 2, 3, or 4-storey play environment is an awesome invention for kids and parents alike.  For the 7 to 9-year old kid, it's his stab at independence.  He embarks on every journey the huge play area has to offer without parental guidance.  For the parent, it's a worry-free haven where she can leave her child while getting some quick shopping done.

Last weekend's play center sampler was Active Fun at Bonifacio High Street.
My immediate thought, "Hmm... this place isn't so huge.  Wonder if Kenji will have enough fun."  I filled up my admission slip, got Kenji's sticker number, and my numbered fetcher's pass, and...
Ok, call me an overprotective hen, but I didn't leave at all.  I just sat there drinking iced tea, getting up only for the occassional photo op.  Because motherbloggers are like that. :P 

My second thought, "Boy, this place is bright and airy!  Niiice!"  Unlike some of the other play area 'buildings' we've gone to, Active Fun has that lovely Bonifacio Global City sun kissing its glass walls.  Because the area is small, it also strategically laid out its play sections.  So there was ample space to move about.  Sure, it didn't have as much sections as its bigger counterparts, but that's ok.  Bonifacio High Street isn't as overpopulated as most shopping centers so there are less kids.  Unless, of course, you plan to have your child's birthday bonanza there --which I recommend if you want it more private and cozy.  Safety's a guarantee, too.  For a smallish play environment, Active Fun has a hefty staff that eagle-eyed every happy, hyper kid.  Neat!

Because I was dubious at the start, I only booked Kenji for a 30-minute playtime for Php155.  But, after realizing that the space, the ambiance, the minimalism, and the crowd control was going to work wonders for my boy, we had to extend for another 30 minutes for a very affordable Php85.

Active Fun at Bonifacio High Street.  Something fun and family-friendly to check out this weekend.  That is, if you're just about sick and tired of those stuffy, overcrowded malls.

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