Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY I Heart You!

Ah, Heart Month...

While some people are scrambling to choose from the millions of Valentines e-cards online --and a few possibly still rummaging through the cards section of National Bookstore --we decided to make our own.  No surprises there.  Our family is big on personalizing presents. :)

For example...

For Ate Aikee, we came up with a card cut out in the shape of a heart.  It's all in the realm of the expected until we started sticking dozens of Band Aids on the thing.  Now WHY would we do that?!!  That's because the key to personalizing a card is knowing the recipient's background, what she loves doing, and what she stands for.  Ate Aikee is a nurse, an incredibly loving one at that. 

So this card with the ultra cheesy message 'You fixed my broken heart' inside is just perfect.  It hits home, and it tugs on some major heart strings. :)  And, it's obviously way too easy to make.

Hope this inspired you to make your own Valentine cards.  Remember, nothing says love more than something you personally made with your own hands and heart.

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