Thursday, February 28, 2013

The First Ever Bulalo Cake.

I say this calls for a crazy-ass birthday cake.  Of course, Midnight Snacks rose to the occasion once a-gaaain!

Insane cow and corn detail.
Ridiculously realistic meat and marrow.
Wooden chopping board you can eat.  Mad!
Since I'm never going to beat my husband in the cooking arena, I decided to go left field.  I will just surprise him with a cake in the image and likeness of his little business' most popular fare --a Bulalo Cake!  The thought of it is so mind-boggling, I just had to run with it!
So Miro, Kenji, and I sat down to brainstorm on the design.  Think, think, think.  Eureka.  And there you have it --our badass cow mascot marinating in the jacuzzi of soupy love.  Midnight Snacks got our crazy idea to the dot!  It's hard to believe it's cake.  But it is!  Delightfully moist carrot cake! :)

The Bulalo Bosses love it to bits!

And the innocent cake givers are just way too pleased.  We got our cake and we got to eat it, too.
Thanks again, Midnight Snacks!

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