Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Una sa Pinto: a school art exhibit

When I look for a school, I don't just look at the curriculum.  A good school should offer things beyond books.  A good school should provide a child a variety of venues for total growth.  That's why extra-curricular activities hold a special place in my discriminating heart as well.

Early this month, my sons' school had a students' art exhibit.  You know, the kind that invites parents over to see their children's work on the walls of the school lobby?
Well, not this one.

Off we went to the country's home of artists, the Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo!
Aside from the colorful road trip, we got to see our kids' masterpieces right next to popular Filipino sculptures and murals in an overwhelming backdrop of art and nature. 

The school made a big to-do about the event, too!

There was an artist registration table at the gate.  A purple thumb means you're brimming with creativity. :)

There was a formal ribbon cutting rite.  Wow!

There were 2 floors of an entire gallery devoted to the collated artworks of the students.  Uh-huh, my jaw dropped, too.

There was massive photo op.  (I'm a mamarazzi --is that even a surprise?  Lol!)
Feast your eyes on...

Miro's Art of Face
Kenji's Jungle Lion
Miro's The Good Gold Place
Kenji's Self-titled wall installation

Afterward, there was a potluck lunch at the Pinto's most spectacular, ultra-huge green grounds.  'Beautiful' falls short in expressing this.

The school's Una sa Pinto art exhibit obviously made every little artist feel big in the world of art.  They felt hopeful knowing that their work can make it side by side with the experts.
For a mere extra-curricular activity,  it did make our boys feel extra special.

See what I mean? :)

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