Sunday, March 31, 2013

G.I. Joe Retaliation: Action on and on and on...

Since my boys claim they're already too old for Easter egg hunting this year, we went for some good old fashioned violence to celebrate instead.  :P  G.I. Joe: Retaliation was our Sunday treat.  And, man, was it explosive!

I had 3 boys (husband included) in tow so you can imagine the testosterone level overflow that went down.  Miro, being a History and Weaponry enthusiast, named all the guns in the flick expertly.  Kenji, whose a big fan of anything that blows up to smitherines, was perpetually glued to the screen.  Jing, forever a tech nerd, spent the hour and a half trying to spot matting fails.  I, on the other hand, still cannot get over Snake Eyes' mountain range ninja fight scene.  I've always loved Snake Eyes. :)

Honestly, G.I. Joe doesn't really allow you to breathe.  It's an action per minute dosage all throughout.
Well, not really.  There's this quiet, backstory scene where Storm Shadow gets all emotional and goes through a change of heart to help the good guys beat the bad guys --which put Kenji to sleep.  Apparently, when you experience a sudden change in pace in a literally action-packed movie, you suffer from sudden calm and lose consciousness.  Lol!  I'm kidding!

The storyline is no great shakes.  You know, world domination yadda-yadda, using a super weapon that can level an entire city yadda yadda, the recruitment of an old retired badass to fight the good fight yadda yadda.  We've seen this formula before.  So if you're watching G.I Joe for depth, you'd be way off mark. But if you're watching G.I. Joe for nostalgia, boom, shwang, and rat-tat-tat-tat, you're in for the party of your life.  It's live-action cartoon.  And with all the self-destruct buttons that went about in that film, my cartoon analogy is so spot on.

It stars the powerhouse cast of Dwayne Johnson (Roadblock), Bruce Willis (Gen. Joe Colton), Byung-Hun Lee (Storm Shadow), Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jaye), and Ray Park (Snake Eyes).  And, Jonathan Pryce who played the funniest, coolest American president in history --specially during the climactic ala-United Nations summit scene.  So old and yet so badass.  Haha!

On that note, I'm telling you not to miss this movie.  G.I. Joe Retaliation.  Giving you that much-needed mindless adrenaline rush in cinemas today.

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