Monday, September 16, 2013

Taal Volcano Tour: Photography and Documentary by a Middle Schooler

You know how I rabidly plan weekend adventures for my kids, right? Well, my worthy opponent --the school's Saturday Club-- won this round. Pushing the envelope, they brought a busload of giddy students to... TAAL VOLCANO!
Holy Crabs, Taal Volcano has been on my list of family trips for like forever! And the school's Saturday Club beat me to it! Well, both Miro and Kenji were bubbling with excitement so I had to admit defeat and let them go. I knew they would have fun and that they were in good hands.

But... but... what about photo ops? I've always been the family's official trip photography and documentary person (my sons lovingly call me 'The Memory Keeper' --yeah, I'm proud of that title). Apparently, I can be replaced in that area, too. Miro, armed with his father's camphone, was unstoppable!

So for now, I'm taking a step back, and letting Miro do the blogging.
Presenting the Taal Volcano Tour!

Neat, huh? Looks like my son can replace me as a blogger, too. :P

Parenting Tip: If you can trust your child with a camphone --and if the school will allow it-- let him carry one for his field trips. For a change, get a whole new perspective on things through his eyes and words. It will definitely be, as they say, epic!

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