Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Easy Ride To Enchantment

Enchanted Kingdom.  Just the mere sound of it takes you back decades to your childhood years of magic and awe.  True, the place is indeed magical.  But if you're in for the rides, nope, not for all children.

Ok, ok, maybe older children and maybe young ones who are born daredevils.  Both of which my boys aren't. :(    Enchanted Kingdom's awesome rides are just a tad too awesome for them.  Too breathtaking, too hyper, too nerve-wracking, too adult.

Aside from the usual carousel, ferris wheel, swan lake cycle, and choo-choo train, there's really nothing here that would get my boys to ride their more adrenaline-pumping counterparts.  And those adrenaline pumpers happen to be the popular rides.
If you're planning to go with your young child, restrain yourself from getting the ride-all-you-can ticket --because riding all you can is the last thing you'll ever get to do.

For example, the Space Rocket would've been Miro's dream-come-true ride had watching the rollercoaster's series of whiplashes didn't scare him half to death.  :P

But there's still a lot going for Enchanted Kingdom.  Kenji was addicted to trekking through its mysterious architecture.

He loved crashing the motorcycle along the obstacle course.

He adored the play area.

All 3 of my boys couldn't be yanked away from the cave maze.

And the gasp-worthy, electrifying shows!

Needless to say,  they also embraced the persistent presence of carnival food.

All that, 4 calmer rides, lots of fun booth games and prizes (one of them being the stuffed hippo around Miro's neck), and a wizard's hat, too!  Despite missing out on the more talked about rides, I say my boys still felt magic that day.
Enchanted Kingdom, in my opinion, was still worth --pardon the pun-- the ride.

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