Friday, November 13, 2009

My Rock Collection

"The downside of being strong is that you have no one to run to at the times when you are weak." 
-an Anonymous Wise Ass

And so, during these tough times, I don't run. 
I just get angry. And this is the side I allow people to see.
Being ' the rock' everyone relied on, I bottle in the real emotions. Every bit of frustration, depression, and fear stuffed secretly inside me that I think I would simply, eventually implode. 

Until yesterday.
When I realized I DO have my very own rocks at home.

JING: He's relentless when he's supportive. He's picked me up many times (even when I don't tell him what's gotten me down) with a good talk over ice cream, Jamaican patties, hugs and more. He makes me feel great about myself (even when I never told him beforehand that I felt horrible). Thank God I married an empath! :P

MIRO: His big boy successes inspire me to haul myself back up from the floor and dare to pursue a dream that people talk me out of. I mean, nobody thought he could make it in the school's basketball team --but he did! So why can't I? (dare to pursue a dream...not play basketball. lol!)

KENJI: He's the epitome of manic energy and uncontrollable joy. Very tiring, but also very contagious. He jumps, runs, gets into trouble --and still feels awsome about it! It would be embarrassing to give up and maintain a sad, shuddering fetal position seeing that this child would never. EVER!

Sure, I haven't really ran to them with all my worries. Not technically anyhow. But seeing them gives me strength. Makes me realize that I don't have to be in this alone.

So thanks, boys! 
I love you! YOU ROCK!

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