Monday, November 16, 2009

Paranormal Activity Shmacktivity

I'm a horror flick freak.  So when Paranormal Activity broke out, it simply begged me to watch it.  I'm a big fan of the Blairwitch Project so when I heard Paranormal Activity had the same shit going for it, I was as giddy as a ghoul.  My husband and I watched the film exactly at midnight for added effect.
But I guess my expectations were too high.  The movie flopped for me that night.  It was just not the same as being trapped in the wilderness with your camera being attacked by the unseen and the unknown.  Being in a house as a film location gave you somehow a comfort zone...even when fighting off the poltergeist.
So I decided Paranormal Activity didn't scare me at all.  And went to sleep.
The very next night, however, had me rethinking that brazen statement.  Last night, I didn't sleep a single wink!  I was up all night hearing bumps and toys moving in the living room as my family slept soundly.  I decided to turn on the TV to drown them out.  But, as you would have it, one sound made it through despite the Today Show.  It was a little girl sobbing and then saying "Mama..." and then sobbing again...  
Hah!  How's that for absolute creepiness!
Being the proud bitch that I am, I decided not to wake my husband up and just watched TV until the alarm went off for morning.  Lol!
So my second (terribly delayed) opinion:  Yeah...Paranormal Activity rocked my socks.  It's definitely something to talk about and lose sleep over.  And in my book, that makes it one of the best horror flicks of the season.
Although The Ring will always have a special place in my heart.

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