Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventure Time has come!

My boys are geeking out on a new Cartoon Network baby.  It's called Adventure Time.  And I was lukewarm to it on day one.

It stars a heroic boy named Finn and a magical, loose-mouthed dog named Jake.  They live in a world where weird characters need daily saving.  We're talking about talking stalagmites, rainbow unicorns, and lumpy space people.

The bad dude is the Ice King who breathes for princess abductions.  I found that part a little demeaning (being a warrior princess myself... eherm) and kinda shallow.

The damsel in distress is made out of bubble gum.  Seriously.  Princess Bubblegum rules the land of loyal candies for subjects.  She, of course, is Finn's love interest.  And she, of course, came from Super Mario's Princess Peach template.

Aside from that hodge podge of craziness, I found the whole plot kinda weak.  But there were regular sword fights, fist brawls, and random monsters so I guess that's what got my kids going for the show.

And then ...out came Marceline.  Marceline is a teenage vampire queen.  She's a loose canon.  She does what she wants and Princess Bubblegum hates her guts.  She's Finn's bad influence as well as his on and off love interest.  She's unpredictable, creepy, and her dad's the devil.  She floats.  She has amazing hair.  She has a bass guitar that's fashioned into a frakkin' axe and you can tell I'm totally geeking out on her. 

Ok, now, Adventure Time's got my attention!  Give me a vampire and I'm there!

There were song bytes weaved into the show, and Marceline's numbers were always the best.  They got me watching the show and ... whoa, Adventure Time wasn't so bad after all.  In fact, it was actually hell funny.  The lines got sharper upon close inspection.  Jake the dog got cooler.  Eh, Finn's dorkiness still didn't do it for me, but at least I got two characters that I like now.  And yes, I can finally sit through the Ice King attempting to abduct Princes Bubblegum for the nth time without mumbling, "Is that you, Bowser?!"

I like the Lumpy Space Princess, too.  For sheer laughs.  She has that lilting, suburbanite, popular high school girl persona delivered in a low man's voice. 
Now if THAT isn't something to look forward to, I don't know what is!

Watch Adventure Time.  It's probably the coolest thing for tweens and teens alike right now.
Don't worry, it'll grow on you.  Start with the cool music and then work your way up to the donut witches and lame-brained cinnamon buns.  Oh, yeah, it's gonna be an adventure.

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