Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Geeking out at The Robot Zoo

We just had to be the first ones at the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center's latest exhibit.  That's how geeky we are.
The Robot Zoo hails from Nickelodeon.  That's the come-on.  Well, that and the fact that... duh, robots are cool, man!

The Robo Melman welcoming committee.  This guy greets you at the door, then directs you to the gears and gyros table.
It's the ultimate collision of animal biology and mechanical technology.  We were floored by huge (and I mean, HUGE!) robot beasts teeming the entire second floor.  They all moved, made animal noises, spread information on animal anatomy and automated engineering.  And, of course, Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center --being an excellent champion of interactive science-- made sure the whole trip was educationally, impressively hands-on.

The Rhino Robot.  This section allows you to assemble the rhino's parts via a control pad.  Data podiums littered the place so you know how the machines actually approximate the real deal.  Oh and the trivia cards on the wall --pure brilliance!
Big platypus!  He's got lit-up intestines and internal organs that blinked and whirred.  This area comes with a Make-your-own-platypus-mutation table, too.
The Robot Squid, although beautiful, didn't move as much as we would've wanted.  But the games here were fun.  Try out the Jet Propelled Squid Race --you just gotta!
By far, the biggest fly we've ever seen since Jeff Goldblum!  This MechaFly was incredibly animated.  So were the activities that came with it.  Swat-a-Fly was a total crowd pleaser.
What my boys liked about this Grasshopper was that it hid its enormous self in grass and then poked its head out to greet you.  The smaller version shares info on real grasshopper living habits.
My favorite.  The ginormous bat hung upside down, turned its head and ears, opened its mouth to expose fangs, and then wiggled its wings.  Cute and creepy in one!  The games that let you see and do things like a bat were amazing.
Definitely the star of the show!  The giant MechanaChameleon has color-changing computer screens for a back.  It's bundled with loads of experiential goodies including control pads that put the kids in command of moving its body parts.  Pure wowza!
If you've got a thing for technology and animals and maybe control issues (LOL!), The Robot Zoo is for you.  The only downside is that you'd want more.  Miro suggested a Robot Tiger --to demonstrate the strength of actual tiger teeth when gnashing through flesh.  Kenji suggested a Robot Shark --to demonstrate the strength of actual shark teeth when gnashing through flesh.
*Sigh*  Boys.

Miro had one thought-provoking, heart-wrenching question when the tour was over though:
"Does this mean in the future, we won't have animals anymore and our zoos will just have robots?"

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