Saturday, August 11, 2012

Imagination, Live!

Do you ever see your kids doodling unfamiliar characters on paper or on your living room walls?  Do you ever ask them who these characters are?  Do you ever gasp and clap in awe upon learning that your children actually invented original characters straight out of the mad, unbridled workings of their imagination?

Well, here's a cool parenting tip:  Bring your children's imagination to life!

Ok, tall order.  Bring your children's imagination to something more tangible than lead markings on paper.  Bring them to the 3D-ness of papier mache sculpture!
There... that's workable.

You know me.  I'm a papier mache advocate beyond control.  And my boys have imagination bursting at the seams, too.  This calls for a great collaboration! 

And so it began when Kenji thought, "What if Super Mario went to Hogwarts...?"  Questioned answered just like that.

Miro mused, "Penguins don't have to be cute all the time.  I think they can be powerful warlords!"  And now they are.

My husband said, "It would be nice if my little eatery had a mascot."  So be it, Kitchen Jedi.

I just had to pipe in, "Can my other blog have an action figure, too?"  My boys agreed.  Yay!

Our imagination in 3D!  How cool is that!

We had the most fun sculpting, slathering glue, and painting this batch of papier mache sculptures. There's that extra fulfilled feeling when you see your thoughts coming to, well, life. :)  Try it!

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